Sunday, March 25, 2012


Your brown eyes are like the night with the day piercing through
Your lashes are like the dark feathers of a radiant bird
Your lungs are more beautiful than wings
And your tongue speaks an alphabet more colorful than music

And whatever the spring is it is because of you
And whatever the night has always meant it is you
And whatever limits there are to solitude is you
And whatever dreams there are to dream I know is you

I was barely breathing like a brown paper bird in a pocket of cement
Then you erupted like a tropical island in the desert of the sea
Now the ink fills me and exits me at the edge of my fingertips
Now the axis of my imagination turns around the stillness of your feet

It is like finding an arrow that has fallen from the sky
It smolders there so I pick it up and throw it back into its element
And watch it burn as it picks up speed and descends to earth
As it was in the beginning so it passes even now from me to you

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