Monday, April 2, 2012

Miss You

My white bedspread looks like the lunar surface
I long to swim in its seas and scramble up the faces of its cliffs
But when I get too close I flatten out its soft asperities
I am too large
And the shadow I am casting might worry the president
The other moon is descending on a string
I have a beautiful view of Manhattan
I can see the whole planet but I can’t take my eyes off her
Everything that is lost eventually comes to this island
I have to sit here long enough
Whatever it is will probably not be what I wanted
So I mustn’t be too sure about it
Why don’t I open it first and see what it is
It is a sock!  You were not like a sock
You smelled great

I wish I had a magic scarf
Its magic would be irresistible only to you
I could pray to the goddess of love to give me one
But gifts from the gods are dangerous
This is the only place I can spend any time with you
It is like being unable to turn around
I know this story I have to trust you’re there
You were my wild dream
You played stupid but you knew
It is you or nothing now
And nothing is full of music

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