A Note on the Kinds of Text

IntEREsting MinERAls contains (so far) three different kinds of text:

1.  Poems

These appear as fast as we can write them, whenever inspiration strikes.  The blog creates a record, allowing Ames and Mike to read one another's work as it evolves.  But this format also invites a loopy conversation.  Every text is in dialogue with every other text.

2.  Translations

Most translations have been incorporated into the blog.  There also exists a separate page, entitled "Translations," which includes in addition texts whose length disrupted the flow and continuity of the collection.

3.  Cadavres exquis

The cadavres exquis have been titled “Le Cheile” or “Le Chéile” (pronounced kay-la), a Gaelic phrase meaning “together,” which also happens to be the name of the bar and grill where Ames and Mike wrote them.  The method is simple:  each takes a turn writing a line or two, with the previous lines fully visible to whoever has the pen.  They are not revised, but posted as is.

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