Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hand Sanitizer

Since when was stupidity an impediment?
We’re all equal:  one asshole, one vote.

If I sharpen my speech, will you come home?
Or did you want me to cozen you with purple?

There is nothing to say
And we like it that way

The most anticipated poem of the year
The most constipated novel of the year

Keep out of the reach of children
They are infectious and virulent zombies

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


You are a very serious baby.  They didn’t think you had the guts to wear the monocle before the House.  The chaos of your mind solved the problem.  Tank-lined streets.  The earth shifts her chthonic slumber.  Harvest comes in like stooks.  (What the fuck is a stook?)  More barbarous than beauty.  Unchained at the lip.  The buildings are next to the park and the park is next to you and all of us are inverted in space.  I don’t want you to sit there.  Change my diaper.  After I slaughter this ethnic minority.  Notes pocketed.  The smallish senator from Kentucky an intelligent fanatic would like to offer a platitude.  Eat me.  Prometheus to the vulture.  Cacophony sometimes dips into a splay of order.  The still-moving substance of everything that is.  Infinite.  White.  As a wave pushing back the edges of nothing.  Why is this a zero sum game?  Thales was right about you.