Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Lava Life

I slept through the resurrection
I drank too much Irish whiskey and had to sleep it off
It was raining fire while I slept
I woke up for the war but then went back to sleep
When I asked you to marry me I was asleep
I slept through chemistry, philosophy, and law school
The kidnapping, the hostage crisis, and the release were a good long nap
I never woke up for my divorce
The alarm sounded but I was sleeping
I couldn’t keep my eyes open for the French Revolution
I was asleep when I lost my virginity
Wake me up before you come
I slept through Great Expectations, Little Dorrit, and Oliver Twist
I was late for my own funeral I overslept
While America was working I was enjoying a siesta
I slept through the Olympics
Remembrance of Things Past was written for insomniacs
I was dreaming I slept with you
I was dreaming when I heard you say “I love you”
They had to wake me up
I slept through ancient Greece
The sunlight was so bright and warm I fell asleep
The universe rotated on its axis while I slept
I had to take a nap to wake up
I slept through Paris, Barcelona, and Moscow
When they walked on the moon I was out like a light it was glorious
I was sleepwalking when I performed a triple by-pass
The Berlin Wall came down and there I was asleep
I hibernated in summer too
I’m sorry Your Holiness what were you saying I must’ve dozed off

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Ushers of the Exact Limes

At home in the caves of the sun
A perfect chest of drawers.
Ringed fingers.  The plausible ins-dead
Standing, soap flake galoshes
Essentially gardens, mythologies
Where the other animals read
After the lights go out, after
The war.  We shine up the lily,
The touch of feet silver the linens
And method.  The story of us
Tangerines every sympathy
Pursuance of limits
When parted.  To logic, a fig, flames.
Clouds and letters, blown.
If I could go where no one lives
And stare into oblivion,
It would be exactly as here and in this life.