Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Lava Life

I slept through the resurrection
I drank too much Irish whiskey and had to sleep it off
It was raining fire while I slept
I woke up for the war but then went back to sleep
When I asked you to marry me I was asleep
I slept through chemistry, philosophy, and law school
The kidnapping, the hostage crisis, and the release were a good long nap
I never woke up for my divorce
The alarm sounded but I was sleeping
I couldn’t keep my eyes open for the French Revolution
I was asleep when I lost my virginity
Wake me up before you come
I slept through Great Expectations, Little Dorrit, and Oliver Twist
I was late for my own funeral I overslept
While America was working I was enjoying a siesta
I slept through the Olympics
Remembrance of Things Past was written for insomniacs
I was dreaming I slept with you
I was dreaming when I heard you say “I love you”
They had to wake me up
I slept through ancient Greece
The sunlight was so bright and warm I fell asleep
The universe rotated on its axis while I slept
I had to take a nap to wake up
I slept through Paris, Barcelona, and Moscow
When they walked on the moon I was out like a light it was glorious
I was sleepwalking when I performed a triple by-pass
The Berlin Wall came down and there I was asleep
I hibernated in summer too
I’m sorry Your Holiness what were you saying I must’ve dozed off

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