Monday, November 19, 2012

We Are Lucky

To be born on the edge of the same galaxy
And to have collided in the great particle accelerator
To have all our fingers and toes
To have our curves correspond like the sinuous bodies of ocean and earth
To pleasure one another with our five mouths
To be naked in our clothing
To walk hand in hand in the river of humanity
To spit rainbows
To have our teeth fall out so musically
Not to have lost all our feathers
To fuck also in spirit
To join two labyrinths with a single kiss
To eat one another for breakfast

The choices get harder, finer,
This thick into the maze.
The music we make when we come inside
Colors our sighs in the darkness.
We love one another in a big basket.
The white cotton towels have been engineered
To keep us floating in each other’s arms.

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