Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trying Not to Think of You

How can I embrace what has no body?
You have a body and I embrace you
Wrap me in your soul
Consisting of arms, legs, shoulders, and lips
Your torso is smooth as the softest Greek marble

This poem embraces you like a cat with hazel eyes
Its long sultry glances at you signify the eternity of love
The universe is a void for verbs and adjectives
All nouns are illusions
It’s like a foreign movie with subtitles in a foreign tongue
As we walk around and put our mouths where they fit

The sphinx-like bridge in the light of late September
Queens almost looks romantic from this vantage point
Nestled here between steel and stone
Only you and I exist and maybe not even I
Only curves in space like rivers of sex
And while the tattoos flower up your back the dawn comes
So this is what it is to love and be loved by you

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