Thursday, June 14, 2012

James County

Forgive me water
slows the mind

In the days before
The flames engulfed
Only watching
The river was
A prospective lapse
Or a project
From a lounge chair

There are no signs
when entering
or one sign
that reads x-ing
a neglected culvert
and a few machines
used to stack things

I have made a bed
Inside a tube
Small glass tubes
A piece of wine
As fat bodies flow
Down the river

I am always behind
The light unless
It is night or
The smoke fits
The atmosphere

Some places are flat
Others as common
As valleys
Frankly water
I wish you
were as clear as gin

I get my news like a
Human thing
Soaked in a chair
The future in nowhere

Samething again
We is reserved
For the things
That would destroy us

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