Friday, June 29, 2012

In the Bird and Flower Business

Although the fraying at the edges
Occasionally flips the game pieces,
Scattering the pattern like tv snow
Through the mosaic of being,
Everyone has an unappointed task.
The bits we gather go back into the fold
Issuing between the visible and the light
On those occasions when the tide
Of darkness ebbs.  The flashlight
Makes them sparkle in unforeseeable
Ways, the flashlight of the mind,
Asleep for so long, then one day lit
Like a torch one is now carrying,
In private splendor, for the new creatures
Suspended in the walls of a raindrop.
The power is not yours to do with
As you wish, any more than sleep,
A pure good, is something to have,
But it will come to you, like love,
And then you will be swimming
Beautifully, the equal of the angels.

Let’s dive in the oxygen till the stillness
Reaches its apogee and we are pure time.
Our twin souls will be folded and intricate,
Braided like sisters of darkness and light.

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