Friday, February 3, 2012

I used to Be a Narcissist but Now I am a Flower

Capitalism is dreaming again but when will it sleep
Its buildings are more beautiful with my eyes half-closed
A nano-sized version of myself ogles its cleavage

There are some rules that need to be explained
My job is to invest pleasure in these very small machines
And once the masterpiece has been authenticated sell it

You are a spy dressed to kill and I am bleeding
I have something romantic to say don’t kill the messenger
You are more beautiful than the wind and the stars

And I love you more than money
Which by today’s standards is a statistical anomaly
But you are colder than a tulip in February’s tits

Your ego is like a troll we must band together to defeat
Before you put me down you won’t rub my strings
A black dove is impossible if you have no imagination

The other day I glimpsed him riding the underground
Him or his stunt-double wearing a cracked bomber jacket
And sneaking a bemused look at Ganymede’s wine list

Cheer up, fellas, eventually things will get worse
He was queer from the hospital like a mine shaft had coughed
A diamond into the rough gassy and drunk

I wanted to lay a trout at his feet so he could measure it
Like a man that is true and a man
Everyone and anyone could pass that test, he said

Be mindful of the gap on the island of happiness
The last time we said goodbye the light was crazy with drops
His dream slipped into me like the spine of this book

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