Sunday, September 7, 2014

If Death Came in the Alps

If death came in the Alps I wouldn’t complain
Inter me on the silver road
The parking is free
And from beneath a slab of glass I’ll watch
Snowy atoms of fire descend all day
And every evening the dark ascent of night

There I will dream of quietness
            And I will drift alone into the wilderness
The tyranny of the human face will lift like a fog
No more listening to sloppy talk
And what must still be done will never come
When I leave it all behind
Like a bird flying straight into the sun

The lunatics were asking about you
            They wished you were still here
                        The silence of infinite space was my reply
Some things are deeper than snow
            Although right now I can’t think of any
The inviolable blue of my hands and face
            Will be for distant stars to contemplate
 And I will coolly gaze on passers-by
                         Marching into the flames of history

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